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Hello, Children . . . How nice of you to come visit us . . . We have been expecting you.


 The Skeletons at Trick or Treat House Enjoyed presenting this year's Food Drive Queen & Her Royal Food Court. 
Installation designed by Seattle Artists & Hauntlake Residents, James W. Sutherland and Don Zimmer

They also collected Canned Food Donations for Chicken Soup Brigade. 

Hope Everybody had a Happy Halloween !  
It was GREAT to see all 550 of you for Trick or Treat. WOW !
We would probably have seen more of you, had it not been for that mini-flash flood !

Thank You to everyone who made a donation of Food Items and/or Cash to the Halloween Food Drive.  
Together, We were able to collect 590 pounds of food and $800 for a total donation valued at $1,780 ! 
Check out the details on the Donation Page. Hauntlake Friends & Neighbors are Awesome ! 

 See you next year !

Your Skeleton Friends,  Phil Angeez & Skull 


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