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Bios of the Resident Skeletons at Trick or Treat House and Their Friends



Occupation:  Window Display

Favorite Color:  Blood Red

Favorite Food:  Spicy Bat Wings

Hobbies:  Halloween Haunting, Grave Digging,    Witch Watching, Flying with Ghosts

Hang-outs:  Under Basement Stairs

Favorite Animal:  Spiders

 Mr. Ian Visible 


Occupation:  Madman & Balloon Dispenser

Favorite Color:  The smoke of screams in the cold night air

Favorite Food:  Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Hobbies:  Breath-holding, Breath-stopping, and Graphic Novels

Hang-outs:  Right behind you.

Favorite Animals:  Kittens Ablaze (also one of my favorite bands!)

 Ingrid Dee Yantz 


Occupation:  Brew Master

Favorite Color:  Rat Tail Black

Favorite Food:  Spider & Skunk Cabbage Stew

Hobbies:  Cauldron Recipe Development, Broom-Racing, Spell Casting

Hang-outs:  The Broom Closet

Favorite Animals:  Cats & Crows

 Phil Angeez 


Occupation:  Goodies Distribution

Favorite Color:  Slime Green

Favorite Food:  French Fried Earthworms

Hobbies:  Shopping for Halloween Goodies, Pumpkin Farming, Graveyard Maintenance, Art, Baking Cookies

Hang-outs:  Hiding in Trees

Favorite Animal:  Cats

 Cal Caneus 


Occupation:  Neighborhood Watch

Favorite Color:  Coagulated Violet

Favorite Food:  Epidermis Enchiladas

Hobbies:  Lurking, Lurking, Lurking

Hang-outs:  Dark Stairways & Behind Bushes

Favorite Animals:  Maggots & Leeches

 Argharna Rendall 


Occupation:  Night Fright Entertainer-(Keeping the kiddies alert...see hobbies listed below)

Favorite Color:  Harvest Full Moon Blood Red

Favorite Food:  Slow steamed squirrel sandwich (I think you call them hotdogs)

Hobbies:  Howling, Growling, & Prowling

Hang-outs:  In shadows and bushes around Skull and Phil's Trick or Treat House

Favorite Animals:  All my fellow creatures of the Night