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Halloween Food Drive 2013


Phil Angeez & Skull create Trick or Treat House each year as a gift to their Hauntlake Neighbors.

Many folks have asked about making a contribution whether it be financial or extra bags of candy.

The Skeletons decided to take that Community Giving Spirit and focus it on a Food Drive

 with all items collected being donated to Chicken Soup Brigade.

These are the items that they need the most:

Multi-grain & Healthy Cereal

Canned Tuna

Canned Meals (Soup, Stew, etc)

Canned Beans

Peanut Butter
Canned Fruits & Vegetables

Macaroni & Cheese

Rice / Pasta Meals

Whole Wheat Dry Pasta 

Jarred or Canned Spaghetti Sauce


So, this year when you come by to see the Skellies

in their "super-natural" setting, The Hauntlake Cemetery ,

feel free to drop off an unexpired canned good or two in the graveside cabinet.



Out of town friends of Trick or Treat House

and those wishing to make a cash Donation

to Lifelong AIDS Alliance/Chicken Soup Brigade

may do so through their website.

If you do, please mention "Trick or Treat House in Montlake"

in the notes section under "What inspired your gift today?".


Wow ! The Friends of Trick or Treat House are the Best !

We're already receiving Food Donations. Thank you all so much.

Here's the Running Total, so far:



Canned Goods - 287 

Box Meals - 31

Dry Pasta -  14

Rice - 15 lbs.

Cereal/Other - 27 

Beverage -  19

Sauces/Other - 8 

Misc. Household - 2

Cash Donations

last updated 11/02/13 - 11:35 pm